Episode 9 - Undaunted Courage

February 10, 2019

Do you have the courage to listen to this episode? It's' in tents. Come join the brothers as they reconnect with each other and bond over social media musings, pointless arguments with mom, how much food they used to eat, as well as the adventures of Lewis and Clark, with a personal connection to their famous excursion. Also, bear anatomy! This is our most provocative episode yet. 

Episode 8: Billy Collins poetry and The Brother Brothers music

December 29, 2018
Deservedly famous poet Billy Collins takes aim at lesser poets in his book Ballistics, which of course inspires Joe and Benji to write and share their own poems. The Best Book Brothers reach unprecedented brotherhood levels when the band The Brother Brothers calls in for a conversation that pays homage to the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?Stick around to the end to hear the signature song from The Brother Brothers new album.

Episode 7: 14

November 10, 2018

Why didn't Joe and Benji wait until Episode 14 to read Peter Clines' thriller titled "14"? They have no answer for that. But they do talk about awkward movie-watching moments, a town that was taken over by caterpillars in real life, Benji's concerns with being objectified by bears, and an inspiring friendship between a chicken and a beagle. And the book. They talk about the book, too.

Episode 6 - West With the Night

October 9, 2018
The best book you've never heard of is Beryl Markham's autobiography West With the Night. It's basically Amelia Earhart, Seabiscuit and Ernest Hemingway wrapped into one beautifully written adventure book. And Joe and Benji found the perfect guest: Alaskan bush pilot Stephanie Greer, owner and operator of Beryl Air. Don't miss her wild story of a man who paid thousands of dollars to personally deliver a six-pack of beer to his brother. 

Episode 5 - Choose Your Own Adventure part 2

September 10, 2018

It's brother against brother in the decisive Choose Your Own Adventure balttle. The victor gets the glory and picks the next book. The loser delivers an inspirational speech to make us all feel like winners. 

Episode Four: Choose Your Own Adventure - Part One

August 9, 2018

In this episode we visit some of the easy reading from yesteryear that inspired one of the brothers's love of reading. Choose to have this adventure with us as we delve into the first few books in our six book adventure competition. Which brother will come out ahead? Do you want to follow the dragon into the cave? Are you aware of the consequences of not listening to this episode? Better play it safe and come join us for some good decisions and good laughs. Benji wrote this caption. 

Episode Three: The Big Year

July 9, 2018
Jack Black played him on the screen, but Greg Miller really became a star when Joe and Benji made him an honorary brother. Birding and people watching – or is it bird watching and peopling – reach comedic heights in Episode 3 with epic and touching fatherhood stories, run-ins with apex predators, and the nerdiest trash talk a brother has ever done.

Episode Two: Ready Player One

June 10, 2018
Ernest Kline’s popular novel Ready Player One takes Joe and Benji back to the 1980s and the games, fashion and desserts that came with that quirky decade. Then a trip to the future begs questions like “What is love?” “Are some risks worth taking?” and
“Did Spielberg bring his A-Game with the movie adaption?”
But best of all is the guest for all, Mr. Andrew Armstrong. Don’t miss the many burning
questions Joe and Benji have for the first professional dungeon master they’ve ever met.

Episode 1: The Great Quake

May 10, 2018
Come for the mind-blowing tectonic action, stay for a lingerie company’s corporate philanthropy. Joe and Benji save countless lives in this episode capped by a conversation with Henry Fountain, environment journalist at The New York Times and author of The Great Quake.

Episode Zero: The Best Book Brothers

April 5, 2018

Joe and Benji tell the origin story of this podcast, which includes not one but two references to the McKenzie brothers’ separation issues in the movie Strange Brew. After a tangent about the asymmetrical onset of armpit hair, they set some ground rules and plot against their brand-new rivals. Finally, they assign the reading for next time: The Great Quake by Henry Fountain.