Best Book Brothers

Meet the Brothers

April 4, 2018

Joe has been reading books since he was a little boy in Grenich England. Hailing from desperate circumstances, he used to beg for bread to fill his tummy and every day found himself seeking warmth. He found that warmth in the Grenich library where he would frequently hide in the periodicals overnight. Thus began a lifelong love of learning and the backstory to his mysterious back tattoo reading "Books are my Salvation" spelled out in bread crumbs. 


Benji has been living in Alaska since 2015 where he spends as much time as possible outdoors. His idea of a perfect night is one spent in the kayak, flyfishing and listening to an audiobook, all while working on his nature photography under incomparable skies of the midnight sun. 


Together we share our insights into the books we read, weaving our own life experiences and our best stories into each epidose. Our goal is nothing short of being the coolest book club in the world. Come join us!

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